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Climbing in these Himalayas can be very invigorating. An expedition can take a month, Srinagar to Srinagar. Rich in flora and fauna, the summits of most peaks are a spine-tingling experience with views of the neighboring countries of Pakistan and Tibet. One can climb the peaks of Kolahoi(5,425 m) and Harmukh (5,148 m), quickly making an alpine ascent. With the mighty ranges of the Himalayas towering 10,000 to 28,000 feet above the sea level, mountaineering options in Kashmir are almost unlimited.

The popular peaks are Sickle Moon 6,575 m ,Riger 6,001m, Brammah-I 6,416m,Crooked Finger 5,630m, Arjuna 6,230m, Katori 6,138m and Flat Top 6,100m. In the Zanskar region peaks are located at the head of the Shafat glacier and include the famous peaks of Nun 7,135m and Kun 7,077m.
Skiing in Kashmir
In the world, the number of Skiing resorts are very limited as the sport requires utterly flawless facilities and perfect landscapes. India is not unfamiliar with skiing, Gulmarg in Jammu and Kashmir is the best place to indulge in skiing adventure sports. In fact if one talks about skiing in J&K, it is only about Gulmarg as it has one of the most renowned skiing resort in Asia, when it comes to facilities and surrounding ecstasies.

It also has the distinction of being the highest lift served resort in the world. Gulmarg is a great place for total beginners. They can learn to ski on the two Poma ski-lifts on the snow covered golf course. There are slopes that are apt for people with all levels of skills.
River Rafting
The challenge of holding your balance in the midst of speedy water is what river rafting is all about. And India, with a large network of rivers, is the place to be if you wish to enjoy the thrills of rafting. Originating from the great heights of the mountains, especially the great Himalayas, these rivers speed down in a way that makes you feel as if they are in a hurry to reach the plains and enjoy a long overdue freedom.

Enroute they whirl, froth, foam and crash over rocky gorges and boulders. They make your raft wobble and wet you with an icy splash in an attempt to divert your attention. In brief, the rivers in India exude every bit of their untamed qualities and challenge you to overpower them. Also, they put to test your strength, both physical and mental, and it is in this that the whole excitement of rafting lies.
Paragliding in Kashmir
Paragliding is a popular adventure sport that attracts tourists to Kashmir. Master Tours & Travels offers you a detailed guide of parasailing, hot air ballooning and paragliding activities in Kashmir. Aero sports are a rage amongst those visiting the Kashmir valley.

Amongst the numerous aero sports, paragliding is the most popular in Kashmir. Also, it is one of the latest adventure sports that are picking up fast in the Kashmir valley. Para gliding takes you on a tour of the green valleys and majestic mountains of Kashmir. Looking from above, you will find the sight of the valley almost breathtaking.
Golf in Kashmir
Kashmir offers a unique opportunity to play golf all through the summer – from April to November – in invigorating surroundings, where the wind whispers through enormous trees of chinar and stately pine.

In the verdant golf courses at Srinagar and Gulmarg, you will be able to play for longer hours than you can in the plains because of the lower temperatures – Srinagar’s highest temperature seldom goes above 35°C.

The layout of both the courses, too, will delight the golfers. Srinagar has an 18-hole golf course with common fairways, and a par of 70. This course is open throughout the year, unless snowbound in winter.

Golf is a way of life at Gulmarg. At an altitude of 2,650 m, in the heart of the world famous resort, is its rolling golf course, the highest in the world. The historic Gulmarg Golf Club was started in 1911 by the British who used the place as a holiday resort.
Angling in Kashmir
Kashmir has been rightly called the angler’s paradise., with a network of glaciated streams, rivers as well as high altitude lakes all carrying the bounty of trout, both brown and rainbow. The British introduced the trout to the streams of the valley in the 20th century and the varieties succeeded in establishing in the torrential mountain streams flow down from the ranges of Pir Panjal and outer Himalayas. By 1920 the tout had successfully established in the waters of the Brinji, Lidder, Sindh, Nambal, Madhumati, Eric etc. The Lidder and Sindh streams proved best of trout.

Many beats are within a two-hour drive from Srinagar. The more adventurous can fish at one of the many high altitude lakes that are reached by trek. One requires a permit to be issued by the Department of Fisheries; conditions also apply regarding use of bait, period of fishing etc. Only fly fishing and fly rods are permitted; spinning rod/reel and live bait are not permitted.
Horse Riding
Horses are abundantly available in all the resorts. Horses are also used to carry trekkers and trekking equipment to the highlands of the State. Gulmarg & Pahalgam predominantly provide good horse rides. Yousmarg also have riding tracks and opportunities though in nomadic way.
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