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Q: How long does it take to plan a destination wedding?
If you do have time to plan further in advance, we always advise that couples start the process sooner rather than later, if you don’t want your choices limited. Eighteen months is an ideal amount of time to be able to secure your venue of choice, the best travel rates, packages and arrange legal documents to ensure you are not running around getting things in order last minute. Plus you want to give your guests sufficient time to book their holidays to make it to your big day.

Q: How do I get started planning?
MTT: Make sure to consider your closest family and friends when selecting a wedding destination. It’s likely important to you that your closest friends and family members will be able to attend. Before you commit to planning a destination wedding, run the idea by family and friends.
You can get started by hiring the right experts who do this day in and out and know the ins and outs of destination or disaster! Don’t just read travel blogs and think that a travel agent can get you on your way, they only book travel not plan the full event, so know the difference between the travel agent, travel planner, on-site wedding coordinator and over all wedding planner.

Q: How do I choose a location for my destination wedding?
MTT: Selecting a location is important, because you need to factor travel time and costs and also legally to make it easy to enter the country of choice. There is no point in selecting a marvellous destination if it is going to be too difficult for guests to get to or too expensive. Price also is a huge factor and logistics and availability of the right resources to execute your cultural requirements.

Q: What time of year is best?
MTT: That is truly depending on the destination you choose and most likely you have chosen this destination based on the weather. But it is not reliable as it once was. So always have a backup so that it doesn’t impact your planned day too much, in case of rain and other weather conditions.
Make sure you don’t pick a destination because you see a hot deal in travel, many destinations go on sale due to hurricane season so therefore you one may think it’s a steal and it will be cheap, but keep in mind Destination is not always DREAM it can be DISASTER. You will spend more money relocating your events then what you had anticipated if you end up not speaking to the right expert when planning your Dream wedding in paradise!

Q: Do I need to get married in my hometown before I get married abroad?
MTT: Marrying abroad is not always straight forward so it is important to check the laws beforehand. Many destinations have residence requirements. Most couples choose to do the legal part back home before flying out to have their personal wedding performed at their destination of choice.

Q: How do I make my guests feel welcomed at all times without footing the bill for all meals and activities?
MTT: Make sure you are arranging group rates for flights and rooms for your guests that are flying in especially for your big day. In addition list information for getting to and from the nearest airport to your wedding and also activities that they can do at the destination or at the resort/hotel.

Q: How many planning trips should I take to my wedding location?
MTT: Making at least one planning trips is required but if you can fit in 2 or 3 would be ideal. On the first trip, you'll need select and secure your venues for the different events and also meet and secure local suppliers. In the second and third trip you need schedule tastings with caterers and go over the flow of each event with your planner and vendors to tie in all the logistics. Depending on the destination we might have to bring in the right design team to execute the vision.

Q: What fabrics are best for tropical locations?
MTT: Chiffon or light weight fabrics are good for tropical locations. Trying to be all jazzed up in the latest Bollywood couture might not be the best idea or budget friendly, but at the end of the day it’s your day, but comfort is the key!

Q: How do I balance time with my friends and time for my wedding prep & relaxation?
MTT: Remember to get help! Hiring a professional wedding planner to help you with all the details and logistics of your event is important. You shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not you have hired the right vendor, because a professional wedding planner will have a vast knowledge of planning destination weddings and will ensure that you will have the best set of vendors and team working on your event. Learn to trust them as there are certain things that might cost a little more, but done right from the beginning will save you a lot of money later and that is what an expert’s job is to do is save you more cost later!

Q: Is it insulting for my groom and I to leave for a few days after the wedding?
MTT: We do not think so, when planning your destination wedding other than you and the groom put other members in your family in charge and keep them involved so that they can also be a point of contact for your guests. Most of the time the guest don’t even see the couple after the reception so you should not feel bad at all. It’s not your job to entertain your guest after your events are over, it’s their choice that they stay longer in the destination!

Q: How many guests is ideal for a destination Indian wedding?
MTT: Well this varies based on the cultural background of the couple, but we are seeing numbers ranging from 100-200 guest and sometimes more. Keep in mind if you are planning a destination wedding the thought process of no one is going to come is not necessarily true as many people have not been to one and they are so excited to go so keep this in mind!
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